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Helping you discover the very best mobile games to play right now

PocketGamer.fun is a collaboration between the Pocket Gamer team and domain name specialists Radix, who are behind the .fun domain designed specifically for the games industry.
We've created a whole new site that's designed for people who just want to play the best games right away, whatever their favourite genre or mood.

Combining curated lists of the top games in different genres, plus recommendations of our favourite titles and short videos to browse, PocketGamer.fun, like the domain itself, is all about getting to entertainment instantly.

The .fun domain is the new home for games and game developers focused on offering a unique benefit to both players and game makers in the industry. As a new domain it ensures you should be able to get your game/company/channel name or something close and provides for a great way to communicate to your audience whether it's players, funs, community or colleagues and get straight to the serious fun!
What's more the domains are incredible value right now, at just $0.99 to register it's less than the average IAP!